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Death Mask 1 and 2, Untiled Faces at Process & Influence

Process & Influence was my first solo exhibition, and ran from February 16th – March 25th, 2011 at the Eissey Campus Art Gallery at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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The source of the Process & Influence exhibition concept

This image is scanned from notes I took during my residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2008, and served as the catalyst for the conceptual development of this exhibition. My overall goal was to give a glimpse into my entire creative process, from concept to completion:

Using the computer as his primary artistic tool and pulling from such diverse areas as chaos and population simulation, Selikoff mixes mathematics and the traditional elements of design to create experimental cutting edge art. Process & Influence will showcase artifacts from each step of his creative process, from Ideas to Experiments, Tools, Images, Animations, and Artworks across a variety of media.


Opening Reception


Sarmiento, Gretel. “Digital Artist scores solo show at Eissey Campus”. Palm2Jupiter. March 2011.http://www.palm2jupiter.com/ebooks/P2J_OEI10_10March2011/

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