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Society of Stickpeople

In 2004, I created a graphics program that simulated a population of stickmen and stickwomen through various iconic stages of life: birth, play, love, work, rest, travel, and death. From its humble beginning as a school project (thanks Marty!) the Society of Stickpeople has gone through many incarnations, detailed below.

Giant Marionette

Interactive Sculpture, 2013

Join the crowd to make the larger-than-life stickperson puppet dance. View Details »

Mini Marionette

Interactive Sculpture, 2013

Miniature stickperson puppet with an icosahedron for a head, made from recycled cardboard. View Details »


Public Art Installation, 2012

Two larger-than-life cardboard stickpeople rise overnight to occupy public spaces. View Details »

Society of Stickpeople

Real-time Video Projection, 2009

Virtual stickpeople exhibit emergent behavior as they interact over the course of their short lives. View Details »

Society of Stickpeople Prints

Print, 2006

Digital chronophotography captures the evolution of an entire society in one frame. View Details »