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Audiograms Calendar

Print, 2019

2020 Edition: each month features an audiogram from sounds recorded around Orlando. 50 limited edition, signed 18 x 12″ prints on manila paper will be available for sale at Grandma Party Bazaar at Stardust on Sunday, December 15, 2019. Listen to the sounds that created these images: January: Approaching SunRail, Church Street Station February: Gong Concert, […] View Details »


Interactive Software Art, Print,

Audiograms are visual encodings of one minute field recordings from my travels around the world. An Audiogram is a message from me to you, and from me to me - an artifact of remembrance, of being somewhere, of what it was like to be there at a particular place and time, and to listen. View Details »


Public Art Installation, 2015

A projected clock senses and visualizes the auditory environment in which it is situated, translating sound into light. View Details »