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2018 Audiograms Calendar

Print, 2017

This limited edition calendar was designed by and produced by Amy and Nathan Selikoff. Each month features an audiogram from our 2016 circumnavigation around the northern hemisphere, notated with the nature of the sound, the name of the place, and the latitude and longitude where the sound was recorded. Listen to the sounds that created […] View Details »


Interactive Software Art, Print,

Audiograms are visual encodings of one minute field recordings from my travels around the world. An Audiogram is a message from me to you, and from me to me - an artifact of remembrance, of being somewhere, of what it was like to be there at a particular place and time, and to listen. View Details »


Public Art Installation, 2015

A projected clock senses and visualizes the auditory environment in which it is situated, translating sound into light. View Details »