Works by keyword: installation


Public Art Installation, 2015

A projected clock senses and visualizes the auditory environment in which it is situated, translating sound into light. View Details »

Searching for the Flow of the Tropical City

Single Channel Video Installation, 2014

Buses animated according to their schedule in a sped up 24 hour cycle typical of a weekday in Central Florida. View Details »

Giant Marble Chute

Interactive Sculpture, 2014

An oversized cross between pachinko and a marble run, this interactive installation invites people to place cardboard tubes of various length and diameter onto a grid of pegs protruding horizontally from a wall. View Details »

Giant Marionette

Interactive Sculpture, 2013

Join the crowd to make the larger-than-life stickperson puppet dance. View Details »


Public Art Installation, 2012

Two larger-than-life cardboard stickpeople rise overnight to occupy public spaces. View Details »

Society of Stickpeople

Real-time Video Projection, 2009

Virtual stickpeople exhibit emergent behavior as they interact over the course of their short lives. View Details »

Double Pendulum

Interactive Sculpture, Print, Public Art Installation, 2008

Glowing, double pendulums exhibit the art and science of chaotic behavior. View Details »