Lumen Prize 2016 Shortlist Announced

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Earlier this year I was at Creative Tech Week in NYC and had the privilege of meeting the organizers of the Lumen Prize, a not-for-profit social enterprise whose goal is to focus the world’s attention on art created digitally through an annual competition, a global tour and associated activities including workshops, seminars and special events. I also got to meet many of the recipients of the 2015 prize, including Anne Spalter, an artist whom I’ve worked for as a creative coder for many years, though had never met in person. They all encouraged me to submit my work to this year’s competition, which I managed to do despite a hectic 2-month round-the-world adventure with Amy. And I’m glad I did, because I’ve made it all the way to the shortlist! The piece I submitted is my most recent interactive installation, Audiograph.

“Lumen’s Jury Panel is delighted to announce the 2016 shortlist. From over 700 works submitted to the competition this year, these top twenty-eight works come from artists working in ten countries around the world – from Mexico to Poland – and represent the widest span of digital genres entered into the competition to date. The Winners of the Lumen Prize and the 7 category awards will be announced at Lumen’s Winners’ Gala on September 29th at Hackney House, London.”

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